About us

EDIFICACIONES PORRAS FONTIVEROS S.A. (EDIPSA) is a company born in Malaga, it belongs, as a whole, to a family from Malaga and its objective is the building and promotion of developments in the province of Malaga.

EDIPSA was founded by Mr Francisco Porras Fontiveros, deceased in 1989; his professional career related to building started in 1960 with the creation of a number of companies dedicated to the transport of materials, and construction. He also contributed to the building of very important civil works in the province of Malaga. Besides, he helped to create and get started a great number of companies in town, all related to the different branches of this productive sector, companies working on the exploitation of quarries, arid supplies, production of agglomerates, asphaltic pavements, reinforced concrete, manufactured iron for building, manufacture of brick and pottery,… All these companies continue working, providing numerous working posts, contributing to the general welfare and growth of Malaga, following the founder’s business philosophy..

Patio del Edificio Edipsa
Edipsa, una larga trayectoria

As a culmination of this period, a new company was created, COPYRSA, an outstanding company in Malaga, whose main activity was the promotion and building of properties and the performing of constructions. COPYRSA was one of the building companies that built the majority of the buildings in one of most important residential and shopping areas in downtown Malaga around Andalusia’s Avenue and the Alameda area..

Among the most outstanding works of this period, to which the companies created by Mr Francisco Porras had contributed, we can mention the Torremolinos expressway, the Malaga-Fuengirola train, the Mijas television booster, the Tivoli theme park, the extension of the Fuengirola’s harbour, a number of civil buildings, the America’s bridge crossing above the Andalusia’s Avenue, the paving of the capital’s streets, important factories and commercial buildings in Malaga,….

EDIPSAwas set up in February 1983, as a result of the split of COPYRSA into two differentiated business projects. Part of the human resources integrating the previous company was transferred to the new project; they continue working today for the company, contributing a very valuable experience to the daily activity of EDIPSA, thanks to many years of building activity and working together, making real one of the founder’s principles, by combining the commercial activity and the compromise of promoting initiatives to make more comfortable and nicer cities for those aiming to live in them..

EDIPSA CONSTRUCTORA S.A. (CONEDIPSA) was born in May 1987 as the result of an initiative promoted within EDIPSA, with the aim of achieving independence between the promoting and building activities. The objective of this company is the building of all the property developments, following strict building procedures to secure the highest quality in the performance of the constructions, a strict control over the finished product, a rigorous fulfilment of the deadlines for the finished work, and its own guarantee as a post purchase service. These goals have guided EDIPSA’S activities, besides, they may be considered as the signs of identity of the company and a characteristic that makes it different to the rest of the market..

Nowadays, the EDIPSA’S administration board is presided over by Mr Francisco Javier Porras González, (son of EDIPSA’S founder) who continues together with the rest of his family in the business adventure set out by Mr Francisco Porras Fontiveros. The company is now a referent to many others in Malaga due to its reputation and social acknowledgement in our city and province..

EDIPSA has today a staff of 80 permanent people and its activity creates around 400 jobs, direct and indirect ones, as it supports commercial relations with small businesses that have collaborated in our projects for many years, helping at the same time to generate richness and employment in Malaga and its province..