Edipsa Building

Head Office

Our head office is in “Edipsa Building”, placed on Puerta del Mar Street, 20, corner with main Alameda, Málaga..

This unique palace belonged to the Ugarte-Barrientos family. After having different uses, in mid-twentieth century got into a process of continuous deterioration, this condition was such that almost disappears..

In 1984 it was purchased by EDIPSA, due to the special interest of Mr. Francisco Porras Fontiveros. It started a restoration in which the original structure was respected and managed to return its best face and reproducing every detail and material as it was built with. .

After almost two years of restoration works, the company achieved to recover the emblematic building. Nowadays it’s still been admired for its exceptional architectural beauty..

Recovering the past, buiding the future.

Due to this rehabilitation work, EDIPSA was congratulated by many public institutions, social and business organizations, and people from Malaga. It was also awarded with prizes such as Citizen of the Year 1986, awarded by the City Hall of Malaga, the Architectural Rehabilitation of the Year 1987, awarded by the College of Architects of Malaga and the prize for the rehabilitation of buildings by the College of Technical Architects of Malaga in 1987..

The Palace of the Ugarte-Barrientos rehabilitation was executed byEDIPSA's own initiative without any public help. This fact had repercusion in the rehabilitation of buildings in the historic center of Malaga and awared the public and private organizations of the need to support recovery of the architectural heritage of the city of Malaga. Nowadays this process still continues with the recovery of multiple buildings that are hallmarks of the city..

Edipsa, una larga trayectoria